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Main Topic: Editing Pages

Every page can be found in our global pages dashboard area found here:

The list however is quite long and can be hard to understand. The best way to get to the page edit screen is to first visit the page from the front end. This means navigating to the page how any user on the internet would. If you are already logged into the RAMMB website you should see a small “edit” button in the top left of the page content. Click that button and you will be directed to the page edit view for that page.

If you do not see the edit button, check that you are logged in by visiting:

If you are logged in but you get an error when you click on the edit button, be sure you are behind the CSU VPN. All areas of the website dashboard are hidden behind the VPN for security reasons.

If you are trying to edit a page and you do not see the “edit” button in the top left, you may need to log into the site. Visit this page to make sure you are logged in:

If you are logged in and still cannot see the edit button, the page you are visiting might fall under a different area of the site. Things like blog posts, training sessions, Weekly Reports, CIRA Product List items and a few other areas are not considered pages but are instead called posts. Posts cannot be edited in the same way as pages.

To learn more about Posts vs. Pages visit here:

To get a full list of what is an editable page visit here:

To learn how to edit posts visit here: