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Main Topic: Weekly Reports

We are currently only displaying a small section of the full Weekly Report. Please pick the best article from this weeks issue, save any image (only one please) from the article to your computer.

You can copy and paste the text as long as you switch the editor to “Text” mode first. To do so click the tab in the upper right of the text editor box. Paste the text here, then switch back to “Visual” to adjust the formatting. If you copy and paste into the “Visual” editor it will attempt to bring the formatting with it and will be a huge mess.

To edit a current Weekly Report you must visit the Staff Dashboard.

Under Quick Link click “Add/Edit Weekly Report”

This link will take you to a list of all the past posts, find the post you wish to edit (It will likely be the top post) hover over that row and new buttons will appear under the title. Select the edit button to enter the edit view.

Once your edits are done be sure to click the “Update” button usually found on the right.

If you need to remove a Weekly Report, the steps are similar to editing:

Visit the Staff Dashboard and click “Add/Edit Weekly Reports”

Find the Weekly you wish to remove and hover over it, under the title you should see an option for “Trash” click that and the post will be moved to the trash file.

If you trash the most resent post, please note that the next post down will then display on the home screen.

If you accidentally trashed a post don’t worry!

From the “Add/Edit Weekly Report” screen, above the list of posts are view options, select “trash” to view all trashed posts. Hover over the post you wish to restore and click “restore”