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JPSS Short Course Web-Links – 2018

These are links for the AMS Short Course: Using JPSS Data Products to Observe and Forecast Major Environmental Events (6 January 2018)

**All times are Central Standard Time (CST)**

830-840am: Welcome and introduction of speakers (Christie Best) – Video Presentation – Best

840-915am: Overview of JPSS Program (Mitch Goldberg) – Video Presentation – Goldberg

915-930am: Use of JPSS to support NOAA operational mission (Dan Nietfeld) – Video Presentation – Nietfeld

930-1000am: Introduction to JPSS data and products and their scientific maturity (Lihang Zhou) – Video Presentation – Zhou

1000-1030am: Refreshment Break

1030-1100am: Hands-On Activity: How to access JPSS data and products (Jorel Torres/Kathleen Strabala) – 

1100-1200pm: Hands-On Activity: Using JPSS Products to Assess Snow and Ice Conditions for the Iditarod Sled Dog Race (Aaron Letterly) – Video Presentation – Letterly

1200-130pm: Lunch – Talks on JPSS product evaluations (Michael Bowlan / Eric Stevens / Michael Folmer)

130-230pm: Hands-On Activity: Case study assessing severe weather with NUCAPS Sounding Products (Nadia Smith) – Video Presentation – Smith

230-330pm: Hands-On Activity: Case study on monitoring volcanic hazards (Michael Pavolonis) – Video Presentation – Pavolonis

330-400pm: Refereshment Break

400-420pm: Training resources available for JPSS Data Products (Jorel Torres) – Video Presentation – Torres

420-430pm: JPSS-SPARKS Training Program: 2018 Plans and Student Interns Opportunities (Murty Divakarla) – Video Presentation – Divakarla

430-500pm: Course Summary, Q & A session, post course assessment (Christie Best) – JPSS Short Course: Evaluation Form

End of Workshop

Training Resources