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JPSS Arctic Summit Meeting

These are links for the JPSS Arctic Summit Meeting (1-8 May 2018)

  • All times are Alaska Daylight Time (AKDT)
  • (Updated 6-May-2018)


The Summit is a series of Technical Interchange Meetings (TIM’s) focused on challenges in the Arctic where the JPSS satellites provides unique capabilities critical to science, service, and stewardship including saving lives and property. Although participation is open, we are aiming to keep each day focused with 20-30 participants per day.


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Travel Logistics

WebEx Teleconference Information

  • Click the following WebEx Link.
  • Teleconference: (877)-953-8830, Passcode: 51857350
  • Meeting number: 747 096 272, Meeting password: Jpss2018!

Tuesday, May 1: Near-Real Time Weather Forecasting Applications

  • Speakers and times are subject to change.
    • 0830AM-0900AM: Introduction to the JPSS Arctic Summit – Mitch Goldberg
    • 0900AM-1000AM: Sounding Applications Panel – Nadia Smith (JPSS/STC), David Kochevar (NWS), Doug Wesley (AAWU), Gail Weaver (NWS)
    • 1000AM-1030AM: Break
    • 1030AM-1200PM: Cloud Applications Panel – Andy Heidinger (STAR), Jeff Osiensky (AAWU), Eric Stevens (GINA), David Kochevar (NWS)
    • 1200PM-0100PM: Lunch
    • 0100PM-0230PM: Volcanic Ash Applications Panel – Mike Pavolonis (STAR), Doug Wesley (AAWU), David Schneider (VAO)
    • 0230PM-0300PM: Break
    • 0300PM-0430PM: Weather Observations for Pilots Panel – Tom George (AOPA), Adam White (Alaska Airman Association), Andrew McClure (FAA Flight Services), Haim Wegner (Aerometric)(TBC)

Wednesday, May 2: Hydrology/River Ice and Flooding Initiatives

    • 0830AM-0845AM: Overview of Hydro Initiative – Huan Meng (STAR)
    • 0845AM-0930AM: AK Hydro Issues and the National Water Model – Scott Lindsey (NWS)
    • 0930AM-1000AM: The use of the Snowfall Rate Product – Wes Adkins (NWS), Huan Meng (STAR)
    • 1000AM-1030AM: Break
    • 1030AM-1100AM: QPE work in AK Testbed and CMORPH2- Dave Streubel (NWS) and Pingping Xie (NWS)
    • 1100AM-1130AM: Alaska Snow Cover: Patterns and Processes – Jiang Zhu (GINA), Peter Kirchner (NPS)
    • 1130AM-1200PM: Juneau unique challenges (Atmospheric Rivers, landslides, glacial releasse basins) – Aaron Jacobs (NWS)
    • 1200PM-0100PM: Lunch
    • 0100PM-0115PM: Overview of River Ice and Flooding Initiative – Bill Sjoberg (JPSS Program Office)
    • 0115PM-0130PM: APRFC operations and current state of AK Rivers – Scott Lindsey (NWS)
    • 0130PM-0200PM: State Emergency Operations Committee Presentation – (River Watch)
    • 0200PM-0230PM: River Flood Product value in past flood events – Sanmie Li (GMU)
    • 0230PM-0300PM: Break
    • 0300PM-0330PM: Flood and River Ice Product Distribution Using VIIRS Direct Broadcast Data in Alaska – Jay Hoffman (SSEC)
    • 0330PM-0400PM: Use of JPSS flood product, SAR, and commercial imagery for Tetlin flooding this summer – Jessica Cherry (NWS)
    • 0400PM-0415PM: JPSS Training Discussion – Jorel Torres (CIRA/CSU)
    • 0415PM-0430PM: GeoCollaborate – Dave Jones

Thursday, May 3: Oceans and Coasts Initiative

    • 0830AM-0850AM: Introduction to Summit and JPSS Proving Ground and Risk Reduction Program – Arron Layns (JPSS)
    • 0850AM-0910AM: Melissa Dykman (NAVO, TBC)
    • 0910AM-0940AM: Kris Holdried (NOS / NCCOS / KBL): Coastal science/management applications of satellite data (HABs, ecosystem response to climate change)
    • 0940AM-1000AM: Ian Hartwell / NOS / NCCOS / Stressors
    • 1000AM-1030AM: Break
    • 1030AM-1050AM: Kalei Shotwell / NMFS / AKFSC
    • 1050AM-1110AM: Stacie Hardy / NMFS / AKFSC
    • 1110AM-1130AM: Jodie Pirtle / NFS / AKRO
    • 1130AM-1150AM: PolarWatch and CW/OW Program and Training – Cara Wilson (NMFS)
    • 1150AM-1200PM: Discussion
    • 1200PM-0100PM: Lunch
    • 0100PM-0130PM: Sea Surface Temperature – Sasha Ignatov (STAR)
    • 0130PM-0200PM: Ocean Color (JPSS and other) and quick review of additional ocean satellite data products at NOAA – Veronica Lance (STAR)
    • 0200PM-0230PM: SAR ice, winds, oil spills – Frank Monaldo (STAR)
    • 0230PM-0300PM: Break
    • 0300PM-0330PM: Discussion of state of satellite data available now to meet user needs; what developments are necessary; what new products are conceivable.
    • 0330PM-0400PM: Ocean Satellite Training – Cara Wilson, Dale Robinson
    • 0400PM-0430PM: Individual discussions for future collaborations and partnerships

Friday, May 4: Arctic Initiative

    • 0830AM-0900AM: Understanding the Arctic from a NWS perspective – Carven Scott (NWS)
    • 0900AM-0915AM: Arctic Demonstration Review – Overview, process, timeline, participants – Bonnie Reed (JPSS)
    • 0915AM-0945AM: Demonstration Products Overview: Ice Age, Ice Concentration, Ice Surface Temperature, Ice Motion – Jeff Key (STAR)
    • 0945AM-1000AM: ASIP Evaluation of the Ice Products – Sam Shea, Mike Lawson
    • 1000AM-1030AM: Break
    • 1030AM-1045AM: ASIP Evaluation of the Ice Products – Sam Shea, Mike Lawson
    • 1045AM-1100AM: Arctic Demonstration – Lessons Learned – Carl Dierking (GINA)
    • 1100AM-1130AM: Arctic Polar Ice products from CSPP – Kathy Strabala (CIMSS)
    • 1130AM-1145AM: Additional Operational JPSS Snow and Ice Products (VIIRS and AMSR2) – Jeff Key
    • 1145AM-1200PM: Blended JPSS Cryosphere Products, Part 1 – Sean Helfrich (STAR)
    • 1200PM-0100PM: Lunch
    • 0100PM-0115PM: Blended JPSS Cryosphere Products, Part 2 – Sean Helfrich (STAR)
    • 0115PM-0145PM: Sea ice impacts on artic freshwater ice dynamics in northern Alaska – Christopher Arp
    • 0145PM-0215PM: Sea Ice Break-up in the North Atlantic and Ice Transport – Michael Folmer (OPC)
    • 0215PM-0230PM: UAF / GINA Arctic Activities – Eric Stevens (GINA)
    • 0230PM-0300PM: Break
    • 0300PM-0330PM: Beyond JPSS: SAR and Altimeters and their applicability to the Arctic – Sean Helfrich
    • 0330PM-0400PM: Future Activities for Arctic Initiative – Arron Layns / Bonnie Reed (JPSS)
    • 0400PM-0430PM: Training Discussion and Wrap – Up

Saturday and Sunday, May 5-6: Weekend Activities

Great Alaska Aviation Gathering

Monday, May 7: Fire and Smoke Initiative

    • 0830AM-0845AM: Introduction, Agenda, and AK Fire Season Challenges – Eric Stevens (GINA)
    • 0845AM-0905AM: WFO Fairbanks Briefing – Ben Bartos
    • 0905AM-0925AM: GINA Capabilities – Carl Dierking (GINA)
    • 0925AM-0945AM: JPSS Fire and Smoke Initiative – Bill Sjoberg (JPSS)
    • 0945AM-1000AM: Fire Weather Briefing – Heidi Strader
    • 1000AM-1015AM: Break
    • 1015AM-1045AM: AFS / AICC Duties – Heidi Strader
    • 1045AM-1115AM: The NWS Arctic Testbed – Nate Eckstein (NWS)
    • 1115AM-1130AM: VIIRS and MODIS Fire Points – Jay Cable (GINA)
    • 1130AM-1200PM: Discussion – Eric Stevens (GINA)
    • 1200PM-0100PM: Lunch
    • 0100PM-0130PM: Tour Smoke Jumper Facility
    • 0130PM-0200PM: NASA products and activities – Emily Berndt (NASA-SPoRT)
    • 0200PM-0230PM: AFS Remote Sensing Topics – Robert Ziel
    • 0230PM-0300PM: JPSS Training (Fire and Smoke) – Jorel Torres (CIRA/CSU)
    • 0300PM-0330PM: HRRR-AK Smoke Model with MODIS and VIIRS Fire Points – Ravan Ahmadov
    • 0330PM-0350PM: Break
    • 0350PM-0420PM: GeoCollaborate (Dave Jones)
    • 0420PM-0430PM: Discussion and Summary – Eric Stevens (GINA)

Tuesday, May 8: Alaska Interior Weather applications and Science Technical Meetings

    • Track 1, 0800AM-1030AM: JPSS / NWS / GINA Direct Broadcast Discussion
    • Track 2, 0800AM-1030AM: Ocean Sciences Session
      • For ONLY ‘Ocean Sciences Session’, click the following WebEx Link.
      • Meeting number: 743 371 604, Meeting password: Qx2cD56?
    • 1030AM-1100AM: Break
    • 1100AM-1200PM: Melissa K – (WFO Fairbanks)
    • 1200PM-0130PM: Lunch
    • 0130PM-0230PM: WFO Fairbanks Tour
    • 0230PM-0300PM: William Straka (CIMSS)
    • 0300PM-0430PM: Executive Session

For any questions, please contact Arron Layns (; (301)-807-8790)

Training Resource

JPSS Training List (Modules and Reference Materials)