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AWIPS Blended TPW Products





Severe Course





    • This session covers the Blended TPW (total precipitable water), and Percent of Normal TPW products available in AWIPS. Although the training was developed in 2009, the principles discussed still apply. Data sources used for these blended TPW products will be identified. Also, the presentation of these products in AWIPS will be illustrated, as well as the current AWIPS display limitations. Finally, basic operational uses of blended TPW products will be identified.
    • Learning objectives:
    • Tropical cloud identifcation.
    • Identify data sources used for Blended TPW products
    • Understand presentation of products in AWIPS
    • Become aware of current AWIPS display limitations
    • Recognize basic operational uses of Blended TPW products

Training Session Options

  1. Web-based Video training session
    Note: Be sure to have your speakers on and the volume loud enough to hear the presentation.


This course is Basic

There are no prerequisites