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GOES-15 Becomes GOES-West


Ross Van Til

Brian Motta



Archived Training





On December 6, 2011, the GOES-15 Satellite replaces GOES-11 as the operational GOES-West Satellite covering Western North America and the Eastern Pacific. This short training session will highlight the primary operationally significant changes associated with this transition.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize that GOES-West is transitioning from GOES-11 to GOES-15
  • Distinguish the differences between GOES-11 and GOES-15 water vapor imagery
  • Recognize that a new 13.3 um IR “CO2” channel is available from GOES-15
  • Describe additional image frames available from GOES-15

Training Session Options

NOAA/NWS students – to begin the training, use the web-based video, YouTube video, or audio playback options below (if present for this session).

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There are no prerequisites