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POES and AVHRR Satellite Products in AWIPS


Scott Lindstrom

Scott Bachmeier



Archived Training







This training session describes Polar Operational Environmental Satellite (POES) and Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) satellite images and products that can be added to AWIPS (via Unidata LDM subscription).

AVHRR derived products available through AWIPS include:

  • Cloud Type
  • Cloud Top Temperature
  • Cloud Top Height
  • Cloud Optical Depth
  • Cloud Particle Effective Radius
  • Sea Surface Temperature

Training Session Options

  1. Live VISIT teletraining (with an instructor leading the session). Check the VISIT Training Calendar to signup for teletraining. The session will last 45 minutes. This teletraining session uses the VISITview software, where a Windows PC with an Internet connection is needed.Please follow the teletraining installation instructions to install the session

References/Additional Links

    • Talking points¬†are available for this lesson and may be printed out to easily review the session in detail at any time.
  • POES and AVHRR image and product examples on the CIMSS Satellite Blog
  • AVHRR Imagery and Products in D-2D: Instructions for installation
This course is Basic

There are no prerequisites


Scott Lindstrom