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Highlights from the Dec. 11-12, 2007 “Review of the NCEP Production Suite” Conference

Posted On: March 19, 2008 - By: CIRA Web

J. Braun

Not to diminish the importance of the entire two day conference, this is just a “good parts,” slightly abridged review and link(s) to information concerning the NWP models from NCEP that we can use.

  • Progress on Future NCEP Production Suite:” – presented by Steve Lord, the director of the Environmental Modeling Center (EMC), diagrams and highlights where EMC, NCEP and the models are headed in the future (some near and some far).
  • National Unified Operational Prediction Capability (NUOPC) Update:” – Presented by Fred Toepfer, EMC’s Deputy Director announces a Navy, NOAA, and Air Force initiative to coordinate efforts to build a new National Global Ensemble Operational Predictive Capability that will: –accelerate improvements in operational performance–create opportunities for a more focused Nationalresearch effort–leverage scarce resources•Provide useful information quickly to the research community
  • NCEP Central Operations:  NCEP Central Operations Timeline for the next few years.
  • Review by OPC:  Ocean Prediction Center Review NCEP, by SOO and acting Chief of the Ocean Applications Branch, Joe Sienkiewicz.  This includes the multi-grid wave model ensembles, and forecast verification.
  • Mesoscale Modeling: Including “Recent Changes” to the operation. (Geoff DiMego)
  • RUC/Rapid Refresh Status: Including the 2008 spring upgrade to the RUC (Stan Benjamin)
  • Review by AWC: By Steve Silberberg – important issues between AWC forecasts and NCEP predictions.
  • Review by SPC:  By Russ Schneider – The NCEP model suites and SPC.
  • Review by HPC: By Michael Brennan – The NCEP model suites and HPC
  • Introduction to Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC):  By Doug Biesecker – Covering space weather (future) models for NCEP and the importance of its operations.
  • Global Weather & Climate Modeling: By Mark Iredell – Including recent changes and future plans.
  • Seasonal Climate: By Hua-Lu Pan – Including the implementation of the new Climate Forecast System (CFS).
  • Review by CPC: By Ed O’Lenic – Chief of Operations Branch CPC – a new look at “outlooks.”
  • Drought Monitoring with NLDAS for NIDIS: By Ken Mitchell – including new dought monitoring briefing, variable into models, and what it all means.
  • National Weather Service NWS Local Climate Products: By Fiona Horsfall NWS/OS – with these topics:  NWS Climate Services • Linkages to NOAA Climate Services• Equipping the field •Data issues•L3MTO• New products• Future challenges.
  • Hurricane Modeling: By Naomi Surgi including: HWRF ’07 implementation strategy, initial HWRF config, T&E requirements • the 2007 HWRF •The Advanced HWRF. NCEP-EMCModelReview2007 conference: Here you will find the link to the HWRF movie as well as the entire agenda.  Let us know what you think of the new NCEP/EMC products and future products.

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