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Island / coastal effects in the northeast on 19 June 2017

Posted On: June 19, 2017 - By: Dan Bikos

The GOES-16 data posted on this page are preliminary, non-operational data and are undergoing testing.  Users bear all responsibility for inspecting the data prior to use and for the manner in which the data are utilized.

A loop of GOES-16 visible (0.64 micron) imagery on 19 June 2017 over the northeast:

illustrates the effects of various islands and coastalines.  The surface winds are southerly with warm/moist air advecting northwards.  Low clouds (and perhaps fog) develop over the ocean as the warm/moist air advects over the relatively cooler ocean surface.  These low clouds converge along the coastlines as well as various islands.  The islands also act as a barrier to the flow with various convergence / divergence patterns around the islands.

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