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Tropical Cyclones and Dvorak

Posted On: February 5, 2008 - By: CIRA Web

J. Braun

Who or what is Dvorak?  A. An opinion/editoralist writer for PC magazine.  B. The man who invented the Dvorak simplified keyboard layout.  C. The largest car sales and rental car companu in the Czech Republic.  D. The man who developed the Dvorak tropical cyclone intensity (classification) system.  E. A Chicago born folk singer/musician.  F. A famous classical music composer.  G. B and D.  H. All of the previous.


Using the Dvorak classification method, what pattern would be the best choice for the visible images both above and below? (Click on each image for full size view.)


The answer to “Who or What” was Dvorak?  H…All of the previous!

As for the Dvorak classification methods:  For the first image – the “Eye” classification method would work best.  For the secong image – the “Shear” method would work best.  (Agree/Disagree?)

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