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What Is Going On Here?

Posted On: March 7, 2008 - By: Barbra Lashbrook


J. Braun

Click here to go to a loop of a group of images from one of our GOES satellites (full disk). The loop is composed of an “enhanced” set of visible images so that dark (near black) stands out as speckled red/blue. As you animate the loop, notice the two fast moving “patches” moving opposite each other. The light patch is moving westward, while the “dark” patch is moving to the east. What are they? UFOs? Image corruption? Data error? Natural phenomenon? Un-natural phenomenon? What?

See the comment’s section for the answer.  For an additional interesting take on, and use of, solar eclipes, please see the following paper by Dr. Steve Miller by clicking here .




  • Can I field a guess? I’m going to assume that the “dark patch” was the shadow from a solar eclipse, while the “light patch” was the the normal daily westward march of sun glint (although the UFO explanation was compelling!)

  • You are just too good Mr. Bachmeier! I guess a UFO the size of Alaska is probably a bit far out there (no pun).

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