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Experimental MIT LL synthetic water vapor GOES-17 imagery available in SLIDER

The GOES-17 loop heat pipe anomaly significantly affects the three GOES-17 Water Vapor bands during certain pre- and post- Equinox times throughout the year. The GOES-R Program Office expressed interest in

demonstrating some synthetic GOES-17 imagery (during times when the imagery is saturated) in SLIDER. MIT Lincoln Labs (MIT LL) in Boston recently started producing GOES-17 synthetic water vapor imagery in real time, and CIRA worked with researchers at MIT LL to start processing their imagery for display in SLIDER. The work was done on a tight deadline to make sure it was available before the end of the late-February peak in the loop heat pipe anomaly. MIT LL was able to present the imagery using SLIDER to NWS users who were interested in testing the synthetic data. There are currently 2 versions of the product available for each of the 3 water vapor bands, plus another displaying the unaltered, degraded imagery to facilitate direct comparisons using the same color enhancement. A transparent message banner was added to SLIDER to indicate when imagery is synthetic vs unaltered for these products. (K. Micke, M. Niznik, S. Miller, CIRA, D. Lindsey, StAR,,,, Funding: GOES-R.