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NOAA Weather Prediction Center (WPC) International Desk Uses CIRA Advected Layer Precipitable Water (ALPW) Product to Warn of Flooding in Chile:

CIRA has been supplying the WPC International Desk with the experimental ALPW product, with an expanded sector and website over S. America at A heavy rain event occurred over Chile, with a state of catastrophe declared in the northern region on 29 January 2021. WPC discussed the event several days prior with Chile’s Met. Service. A WPC forecaster thanked CIRA: “Thanks to your support, I was able to issue a low uncertainty/high confidence forecast, not a small feat considering that conventional data such as RAOBs and aircraft reports over the eastern South Pacific are far and few. So you earned your keep, and note that your work is making a difference.”. POC: John Forsythe (; Funding JPSS PGRR).