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Regional and Mesoscale Meteorology Branch

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VIIRS Snowmelt

DEBRA-Dust Product

Turbulence Probability Product

GLM Minimum Flash Area (MFA)

GLM Full Disk Gridded Products

Fire / Hot Spot Characterization

GOES-R IFR Probability

GOES-R Cloud Thickness

Legacy Vertical Profiles


ABI Band 1 (0.47 μm)

ABI Band 2 (0.64 μm)

ABI Band 3 (0.86 μm)

ABI Band 4 (1.37 μm)

ABI Band 5 (1.61 μm)

ABI Band 6 (2.24 μm)

ABI Band 7 (3.9 μm)

ABI Band 8 (6.2 μm)

ABI Band 9 (6.9 μm)

ABI Band 10 (7.3 μm)

ABI Band 11 (8.5 μm)

ABI Band 12 (9.6 μm)

ABI Band 13 (10.3 μm)

ABI Band 14 (11.2 μm)

ABI Band 15 (12.3 μm)

ABI Band 16 (13.3 μm)


Advected Layer Precipitable Water (ALPW) product

Night Fog Difference (10.3 minus 3.9 microns)

Split Window Difference (10.3 minus 12.3 microns)

Air Mass

Day Convection

Day Land Cloud

Day Land Cloud Fire

Differential Water Vapor


Fire Temperature

Simple Water Vapor

CIMSS Natural True Color

Day Cloud Convection

Split Cloud Phase

Cloud Phase Baseline Product

Split Snow

Split Water Vapor Difference

Split Ozone

Clear Sky Mask Baseline Product

Baseline Cloud Top Height

VIIRS Fire Temperature

VIIRS Cloud Snow Discriminator

VIIRS Day Land Cloud Fire

Aerosol Detection Baseline Product

Total Precipitable Water (TPW) Baseline product

Baseline Cloud Top Pressure

Cloud Optical Depth

Baseline Cloud Top Temperature

Cloud Particle Size Distribution

Derived Motion Winds

Aerosol Optical Depth Baseline product

Derived Stability Indices

Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Baseline Product

Day Cloud Phase Distinction


VIIRS Near-Constant Contrast

NUCAPS Soundings

Volcanic Ash Detection and Retrieval

Volcanic Ash Detection and Retrieval

Blended TPW

GLM and Ground Networks

GLM Applications Overview


GLM Definitions and Detection Methods

GLM Gridded Products

GLM Data Quality

GLM Average Flash Area and Total Optical Energy

VIIRS Flood Extent

VIIRS Ice Concentration

VIIRS Ice Surface Temperature

VIIRS Cloud Base Height


JPSS Snowfall Rate

Day Snow Fog

VIIRS Active Fire

SAR Winds

Gridded NUCAPS

Day Snow/Cloud Layers

Nighttime Microphysics

Jason Signficant Wave Height