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CrIS Imagery

In order to significantly improve the availability of water vapor imagery at the high latitudes, imagery production from NOAA JPSS CrIS has recently begun. To start, CrIS imagery corresponding to eight of the GOES ABI IR bands, one VIIRS IR band, and two Red-Green-Blue multispectral imagery products has been developed. These channels were chosen to allow for comparisons with existing imagery products, to ensure familiarity with forecasters, and to take advantage of the unique spectral capabilities of CrIS. From the initial products being produced, the three water vapor bands, an Airmass RGB, and a modified-SO2 RGB provide unique value to the high latitudes. Development is still in progress, with additional products and sensors expected to be added.

CrIS Imagery is currently being made available online in real-time on the CIRA SLIDER webpage, in both Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere sectors.

CrIS Imagery Quick Guide

Presentation at AMS 2024 Annual Meeting

CrIS Imagery Training Slides

Figure: CrIS Airmass RGB Imagery over Northern Hemisphere (left) and mid-level Water Vapor Imagery over Southern Hemisphere (right)

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