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Fog Modification

Advantages to this modification are:

  • The cursor readout will be in degrees Celsius instead of counts. The temperature difference is stretched so that each 10 brightness counts equals 1 degree Celsius.
  • The linear color table will work fine (lighter/white colors are fog or stratus).
  • The product will look the same as the fog/reflectivity product on RAMSDIS Online. Note, on AWIPS there is only a fog product which means this should only be used at night.

Follow these steps to change the way the fog product is generated:

  1. Go to the localizationDataSets/XXX directory where XXX is your 3-letter AWIPS ID
  2. Make a backup copy of satDepictKeys.txt and localImageStyle.txt (the later file may not exist).
  3. Copy this localImageStyle.txt into your localizationDataSets/XXX directory.
  4. Copy this satDepictKeys.txt into your localizationDataSets/XXX directory.
  5. Remember to backup these files. Running mainScript.csh will change these back to the default Fog Product configuration.

Note: If you do not want to write over your existing satDepictKeys.txt in fear of earlier modifications not working, simply change lines that begin with the numbers 106, 116, 136, 806, 906, 916 and 926 to look like the ones in satDepictKeys.txt above. If localImageStyle.txt exists already, you can simply append the content of localImageStyle.txt above into your existing file.

Below left shows the default fog product, below right is how the fog product will appear based on the modification.

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