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JPSS Imagery for Users

Webpage Updated: 5 June 2023

Near-Real Time Data Links

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VIIRS ImagerySatellite Derived SoundingsFire & Smoke ApplicationsHydrology ApplicationsDB: JPSS Imagery and DatafilesOceans / Lakes
CIRA RAMMB SLIDER - JPSS Sectors: CONUS, Alaska (Northern Hemisphere) , and Southern Hemisphere NUCAPS Global Map Real Earth: VIIRS Fire Radiative Power (I-Band)ALPW (every 3 hours): CONUS, ALASKA/N-PACIFIC/CONUS, SOUTH AMERICA sectors; ALPW Hourly Data (CONUS) and Global Domain CIMSS DB: SNPP SSEC: VIIRS Sea Ice Products
RAMSDIS Online NASA SPoRT Viewer: Gridded NUCAPS RealEarth: VIIRS Fire Temperature RGB Imagery (750-m) and at 375-m SFR (CONUS) , mSFR (CONUS) and SFR (Alaska) CIMSS DB: NOAA-20 NOAA NESDIS STAR: Polar and GEO SST Imagery and Archive
CIMSS: VIIRS Imagery Viewer NUCAPS Visualization RealEarth: VIIRS Day Land Cloud Fire RGB Imagery Global Flood Products (Archive) and SNPP/NOAA-20 VIIRS Flood Images Miami DB: Imagery RealEarth (CIMSS DB): SNPP SST Imagery
NASA Worldview: Nighttime Visible Imagery RealEarth: Gridded NUCAPS VIIRS Active Fire Global Map Blended TPW and Percent of Normal TPW GINA DB: Alaska Imagery NOAA CoastWatch Data Portal
NASA Worldview: VIIRS True Color Imagery NOAA: HRRR-Smoke MIMIC TPW (CONUS) and (Alaska Region) GINA: Alaska DB Satellite Data Portal
VIIRS Today: USA Composites ESRL: HRRR-Smoke Products CMORPH2 1-Day Precip Accumulation
RealEarth: VIIRS NDVI Imagery ESRL: HRRR-Smoke Cross SectionsVIIRS Snowmelt RGB: CONUS and Alaska
CIRA: VIIRS Cloud Vertical Cross Sections for Aviation Users and Custom Flight Paths JSTAR Mapper: VIIRS Active Fire Imagery RealEarth: MIRS Rain Rate
AerosolWatch: (JPSS/GOES) Satellite Aerosol Product Imagery GINA: VIIRS Flood Product (Alaska sector)


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