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Water Vapor Channels





Forecaster Course





Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the characteristics of the water vapor channel.
  2. How to identify common signatures seen in the water vapor imagery.
  3. Understand the relationship between water vapor imagery and dynamical structures.
  4. Review potential vorticity thinking and relate water vapor imagery features to potential vorticity features.
  5. How can you use water vapor imagery to assess numerical weather prediction model peformance.

Training Session Options

Note: Be sure to have your speakers on and the volume loud enough to hear the presentation.

  1. Web-based Video training session
  2. Audio playback – This VISITview file contains recorded audio and annotations and can be taken at anytime. Create a directory to download the audio playback file (it is about 270 MB in size) from the following site:
    After extracting the files into that directory click on the visitplay.bat file to start the lesson.
This course is Basic

There are no prerequisites

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