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Basic Operations of ABI on GOES-R


Scott Lindstrom

Tim Schmit

Mat Gunshor



Sat FC-G





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This module is part of the satellite foundational course for GOES-R (SatFC-G). This particular module covers basic operations of ABI on GOES-R. Learning objectives include:

  1. Describe reflected solar and terrestrial radiation as they relate to satellite observations.
  2. Explain how solar and terrestrial radiation is selectively absorbed, reflected, and scattered by atmospheric constituents.
  3. Explain the processes of radiative transfer.
  4. Explain selective absorption through the atmosphere.
  5. Describe the improvements in spectral coverage, spatial resolution, and imaging intervals of the GOES-R ABI over the previous imager.
  6. Identify the ABI’s 16 spectral channels and the phenomena that can be detected in the spectral regions they cover.
  7. Describe the concept of parallax and how it impacts image interpretation.
  8. Describe the importance of adequate bit depth for all ABI channels.

Training Session Options

NOAA/NWS students – to begin the training, use the web-based video, YouTube video, or audio playback options below (if present for this session). Certificates of completion for NOAA/NWS employees can be obtained by accessing the session via the Commerce Learning Center.

  1. Web-based video that can be taken at anytime (streamed, not recommended for low-bandwidth users). Be sure to have your speakers on and the volume loud enough to hear the presentation.
  2. YouTube video:

  3. Download video (recommended for low-bandwidth users) – This is an audio playback version in the form of an Articulate Presenter video and can be taken at anytime.

    Create a directory to download the video file from the following link:

    After extracting the files into that directory click on either the presentation.html OR index.html file and the video will begin to play in your browser.

Original Pre-Launch Version

This version of the training module debuted in the Fall of 2016 which included Himawari and pre-GOES-R era GOES imagery. Formats include:

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This course is Basic

There are no prerequisites


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