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NUCAPS and Gridded NUCAPS Profiles


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  1. Learn what NUCAPS soundings are, and how they are created
  2. Know how to access the soundings in AWIPS II
  3. Learn how to modify the soundings in the NSharp Editor
  4. Apply NUCAPS sounding information to better understand the atmosphere

Training Session Options

NOAA/NWS students – to begin the training, use the web-based video, YouTube video, or audio playback options below (if present for this session). Certificates of completion for NOAA/NWS employees can be obtained by accessing the session via the Commerce Learning Center.

  1. Live VISIT teletraining session led by an instructor (20 minutes). Check the VISIT Training Calendar to see the current schedule and sign up. Upon registering for a teletraining session, you will receive an email with a link (GoToMeeting or WebEx) to connect to the session.
  2. YouTube video:

References/Additional Links

  • Talking points are available for this lesson and may be printed out to easily review the session in detail at any time.

Use these blog posts for guidance on how to use NUCAPS in specific conditions:

  1. For determining where dry air exists over oceans
    CIMSS Satellite Blog: NUCAPS Profiles across a Saharan Air Layer (SAL) Outbreak
  2. For determining the freezing level
    CIMSS Satellite Blog: Assessing the freezing level with NUCAPS profiles
  3. For examining low-level inversions during downslope wind events
    CIMSS Satellite Blog: NOAA-20 sounder observations of the atmosphere during a downslope event
  4. NUCAPS fields during wildfires
    CIMSS Satellite Blog: NUCAPS Sounding profiles surrounding Colorado’s East Troublesome Fire
  5. For determining whether convection might develop
    CIMSS Satellite Blog: Using NUCAPS to diagnose threats in a region of Enhanced/Moderate risk
    CIMSS Satellite Blog: Where will convective initiation occur? NUCAPS can help.
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