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How to access recorded VISITview training sessions via an intranet

by John DiStefano

Brief instructions to set up for playback of “Recorded VisitView sessions”…

1. Find a location on the PC of your choice at your office where you will place the unzipped recorded sessions.

2. Have your ESA set in place a mapped drive to this location that will show up as each staff member performs a PC login. The ESA will need to set this up via a ‘login script’ on one of your office’s local servers. An example of how this will look once activated is noted below (blue arrow pointing to our newly mapped “T-drive”).

3. The majority of your staff should be set up to have “read” access only to these files (Windows XP operating system). Limit the number of staff (SOO, Training FP, …) who will have “full” access to this drive for the purpose of setting up the recorded sessions.4. Place your recorded sessions in separate directories (such as in the example image under #2 above (orange arrow)).

5. Alter the ‘visitauto.bat’ file as follows…

  • Insert the mapped drive on the first line of this file (“T:” for our office).
  • On the second line of this file, ‘cd’ to the directory where the recorded session resides.
  • Save this edited file under another name.
  • See example below.

6. Create a web page on your Intranet whereby your staff can have access to “recorded” training. Links to the altered ‘visitauto.bat’ files will allow your staff to view these recorded sessions from any PC in the office. Below is an example of part of our web page whereby access to recorded training can be obtained. The ‘Start Training’ buttons are where the links to the recorded training is defined.

Under this configuration, each workstation will be running “locally”, even though they are actually sharing the files. This means that the local VISITview server is running on each user’s own machine.