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Regional and Mesoscale Meteorology Branch

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Important Links: Volcanoes and Volcanic Ash




NOAA – Alaska Aviation Weather Unit

Anchorage Center Weather Service Unit

NWS Anchorage

NWS Alaska Region Environmental and Scientific Services Division (ESSD)


NOAA – Volcanoes and Links to More information

NOAA – Volcano Data and Information (NGDC) – Natural Hazards

NOAA – Volcanic Ash Advisory Database (NGDC)

NOAA/NESDIS – Experimental GOES Volcanic Ash Products

NOAA – PUFF Model Description

NOAA – HYSPLIT Model Description

NOAA – Volcanic Ash Coordination Tool (VACT)

NOAA/NESDIS/SSD – Volcano Webcam Links

NOAA – READY: Volcanic Ash Transport And Dispersion (HYSPLIT Model)

NOAA/NWS Forecast Decision Training Branch (FDTB)

NOAA/NWS Warning Decision Training Branch (WDTB)


USGS Links

USGS – Volcano Hazards Program


USGS – Volcanic Ash fall

USGS – Volcanic Ash–Danger to Aircraft in the North Pacific

USGS – Volcano Hazards Program Fact Sheets

USGS – Volcano Hazard Assessments

USGS – Volcano Hazards Program Publications

USGS – NVEWS: National Volcano Early Warning System

USGS – Ash Properties

USGS – Mount St. Helens

USGS – Volcanic Gases and Their Effects

USGS – Volcano Status Map

USGS – Volcanoes (The Book)


Volcanic Ash Advisory Centers (VAAC) of the World

Anchorage, AK, United States

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Darwin, Australia

London, United Kingdom

Montreal, Canada

Tokyo, Japan

Toulouse, France

Washington, DC, United States

Wellington, New Zealand


Volcano Observatories

Alaska Volcano Observatory

Cascades Volcano Observatory

Hawaiian Volcano Observatory

Long Valley Observatory

Yellowstone Volcano Observatory

World Organization of Volcano Observatories

The Rest of the Observatories of the World


All The rest

Oregon Risk Management – Ash Fall

Boeing Volcanic Ash Avoidance

National Weather Association – Gary Ellrod, Remote Sensing of Volcanic Ash

Airline Pilots Association (ALPA) Volcanic Ash and Aviation Safety

San Diego State University – How Volcanoes Work

The Volcanoes of Canada

Michigan Tech University – Volcanic Clouds

Michigan Tech University – Volcano Information Links

NASA Images and Articles

Idaho State University – Volcanoes

University of Wisconsin SSEC – Volcano Watch

Colorado State University – Volcanic Ash Detection

The Smithsonian’s Global Volcanism Program

National Volcanic Ash Operations Plan for Aviation

Center for Satellite Based Crisis Information

MetOffice (United Kingdom) – Volcanoes

Rhenish Institute for Environmental Research – Ash Dispersion

EUMETSAT – Near Real Time Ash Retrievals

University Wisconsin Space Science Engineering Center (SSEC)

UW Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies (CIMSS)

CIMSS – Satellite Blog

State of Alaska Div. Air Quality – Volcanic Ash Fall

Colorado State University – Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)

Colorado State University CIRA – VISIT Program

International Airways Volcano Watch Operations Group (IAVWOPSG)

IC4D Users Guide and Software/Hardware Architecture