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Michael Benson summarized some of the top weather events

In a New York Times Op-Ed, Michael Benson summarized some of the top weather events, all through GeoColor imagery. The piece highlights 13 images or animations. Details and URLs for this piece are included below. (Kevin Micke, D. Smith, S. Miller, C. Seaman, R. Brummer, CIRA, D. Lindsey, StAR,, Funding:  GOES-R.

A snippet from this Op-Ed is included below:

The views they (GOES and Himawari) provide are astonishing. The planet shines spectacularly in steady sunlight. It’s white and blue, green, ocher and tan, with complex coruscating swirls of cloud. An exquisitely thin aquamarine line defines its dayside limb, delineating its atmospheric perimeter and shading gradually to black at the migratory border between day and night. There’s something sacred to this sight. As the source of all life, as the birthplace of our species, it deserves veneration.