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October 31 19

In preparation for the upcoming cold air aloft (CAA) season, CIRA’s CAA web page was updated to restore imagery created from MiRS retrievals from several polar-orbiting satellites (NOAA-18, -19, -20, S-NPP, MetOp-A, -B, and DMSP F-17).  Cold air aloft is a forecast concern for jet aircraft flying at high latitudes during winter.  Aircraft that spend too long in regions with temperatures at or below -65°C risk reduced fuel flow due to ice crystal formation or the gelling of the fuel itself.  CIRA has partnered with SPoRT and STC to create CAA products for use at the Center Weather Service Unit in Anchorage, AK.  The front page of CIRA’s CAA website ( is shown below.  Funding: JPSS-PGRR.  (J. Dostalek, CIRA, 970-491-8448,