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Regional and Mesoscale Meteorology Branch

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Welcome to the Virtual Laboratory for Satellite Training and Data Utilization

The Virtual Laboratory for Satellite Training and Data Utilization (VL) has been established to maximize the exploitation of satellite data across the globe. It is a collaborative effort joining the major operational satellite operators across the globe with WMO “centers of excellence” in satellite meteorology. Those “centers of excellence” serve as the satellite-focused training resource for WMO Members.

To access VL resources or different components of the VL click on the appropriate item below.

Virtual Lab Resources available from this site (CIRA)

PowerPoint Lectures Web Based Products Stand Alone Tutorials
Training Tools Software Digital Satellite Imagery
Live Training Events   General Texts


Centers of Excellence resource sites and sponsors’ resource libraries

Centers of Excellence at five WMO Regional Meteorological Training Centers at San Jose, Costa Rica, Bridgetown, Barbados, Niamey, Niger, Nairobi, Kenya, and Nanjing, China and Australian Bureau of Meteorology Training Center (ABOMTC)
Resource libraries at CIRA, EUMETSAT, JMA, NSMC and WMO


Supporting Science Groups

International TOVS Working Group (ITWG)
International Winds Working Group (IWWG)
International Precipitation Working Group (IPWG)


Virtual Lab Sponsors

USA (NESDIS) Europe (EUMETSAT) China (NSMC) Japan (JMA)