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About The Bolt

Who We Are

Bernadette Connel, Ph.D.: Senior Research Associate/Consultant

BSc in Forest Management and Biometrics from Colorado State University (1982), MS (1988) in Natural Resources – Air Environment from CSU, and Ph.D. (1997) in Natural Resources – Plant and Boundary Layer Environment from the University of Connecticut. Currently works on national and international satellite focused training efforts. There are many wonderful satellite products that help us explore, evaluate, and predict the weather of our environment, and Dr. Connell dedicates her efforts to make sure the forecasters, managers, and decision-makers know about them and how to use them optimally. In 2020, Dr. Connell decided to create The Bolt to also help and engage anyone and everyone interested in learning about the weather, independently of their age or backgrounds.

Erin Sanders: Research Associate II/Webmaster

Camila (Silva Monroe) Podominick: Undergraduate Research Fellow/Science Writer

BSc in Communication and Journalism from the Universidade Metodista de Sao Paulo (2011), currently in her senior year of the Chemical and Biological Engineering undergraduate program at Colorado State University (Spring of 2021). Camila also obtained a minor in Technical and Science Communication from Colorado State University (2020) and an AAS in Chemistry from Arapahoe Community College (2018). Camila was invited to write the articles for The Bolt as part of CIRA’s Undergraduate Fellowship Program during the summer of 2020. At the time, she also had no background in satellite imagery and weather forecast, and part of her job is to share her learning process with others who, like her, are curious to learn about the weather, but are not sure how to start.

Our Mission

“Serve as a point of access to any individual interested in learning about weather, who may or may not have a science or technical background.”

The Bolt is humbled to be CIRA’s channel to help and engage the general population – students, parents, and any other science enthusiast – to learn about weather and satellites in a more casual environment. Don’t understand a subject? Have more questions about a topic we presented here? Contact us and we will always try our best to answer your questions and requests.

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Bernie Connell


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