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Volcanoes and Volcanic Ash Part 2





Forecaster Course





Learning objectives:

  1. Part two of a two part set that describes and discusses Volcanoes and Volcanic Ash as hazards to people, aviation, and shows different methods of observation, analysis and modeling.
  2. Primary categories:
    1. Mt. Redoubt Volcano – 2009
    2. The Key Players (Organizational Structure)
    3. Goals (Past, Present, and Future)
    4. The Flow of Information
    5. Volcano Observatories and Volcanic Ash Advisory Centers
    6. Eyjafjallajökull – Lessons Learned
    7. Coming Soon

Training Session Instructions

LMS students – to begin the training, select from the Web-based video or Audio Playback options below.
Note: Be sure to have your speakers on and the volume loud enough to hear the presentation.

  1. Web-based Video training session.
  2. Audio playback – This VISITview file contains recorded audio and annotations and can be taken at anytime.

    Create a directory to download the audio playback file (it is about 64 MB in size to download…102 MB expanded) from the following site:

    After extracting, open the new directory with all the files and click on the visitplay.bat file to start the lesson. Feel free to break this session into two or three parts.

This course is Basic

There are no prerequisites

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