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Regional and Mesoscale Meteorology Branch

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GOES-R – AWG Proxy Data

RAMMB is involved in the following Algorithm Working Group teams:

  • Proxy Data
  • Aviation
  • Tropical Cyclones
  • Visualization

Proxy Data Algorithm Working Group

The goal of RAMMB’s Proxy Date AWG activities is to develop proxy GOES-R data for mesoscale weather and hazard events. Sophisticated cloud models and accurate radiative transfer models are used for this purpose. ABI radiances are provided for different case studies, along with the model fields for “ground truth”. These case studies include a severe weather case, a lake effect snow case and two hurricane cases, and also include simulations of fire hotspots embedded in the severe weather case as well as wildfires and agricultural fires.

High quality simulations of satellite radiances provide one of the best ways of testing prototype algorithms for future sensors. These simulations have the advantage of providing ground truth that can be used to verify algorithm performance. It is therefore anticipated that the simulations like the ones conducted by RAMMB will provide the necessary proxy data to the fire, wind and cloud algorithm groups for testing proposed algorithms.

Simulated 2.25 µm loop of southern California fires from 23 October 2007. Click for a loop.

A sample simulated fire proxy dataset of the 23 October 2007 Southern California wildfire event can be seen in the figure below.

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