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WMO RA-III Chile Virtual Training on Satellite Applications: November 2021


Workshop Information

Dirección Meteorológica de Chile is hosting a virtual satellite workshop in Spanish for participants from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) South America Region III in November 2021. The two week training will be November 8-10 and November 15-17, 2021. The workshop will include an overview of GOES-R and JPSS satellite capabilities and how to access data to address forecasting challenges and improve data driven decision making to advance WMO and the AmeriGEO Societal Benefit Areas (Water, Disasters, Health, etc.). This is a Spanish language only event with no simultaneous interpretation available.



There is no registration fee for the workshop and registration will open mid-September 2021. Forecasters, researchers, and students are all encouraged to participate. Please note there will be two types of participation:

  1. Full time participants will attend through an interactive webinar, responding online to questions and submitting homework. Space is limited to 100 attendees and participants are eligible for a certificate.
  2. All others can participate through a Live Streaming platform giving them the ability to observe real-time and ask questions during the sessions. Space is unlimited and participants are not eligible for a certificate.

To receive notice when registration is open, please add your contact information to the Google interest form: Formulario de interés para el Taller Virtual sobre Aplicaciones Satelitales en la AR-III de la OMM



It is strongly recommended that participants complete the following online modules in advance to prepare for the workshop:

Note it is required to register in COMET for some of the modules. Only three modules are suggested. The Spanish titles of these modules are:

  • GOES-R: beneficios de la observación ambiental de próxima generación
  • El ABI del GOES-R: la próxima generación de imágenes satelitales
  • El GLM del GOES-R: introducción al sensor de rayos geoestacionario

Only four modules are suggested. The Spanish titles of these modules are:

  • Introducción a la teledetección por microondas
  • Bandas de absorción del oxígeno y del vapor de agua
  • Emisividad superficial de microondas
  • Influencia de las nubes y la precipitación

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will have a working knowledge of the GOES-R Series and JPSS key instruments and develop competency in using the data and products for weather forecasting, prediction, monitoring and/or research. A certificate will be provided to participants who apply for that option in advance and complete the course successfully.


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