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GeoRing ProxyVis Satellite Imagery

GeoRing ProxyVis imagery, a nighttime proxy for visible imagery, is a multispectral product that combines several IR channels to mimic visible imagery at night. ProxyVis has been used operationally at the National Hurricane Center (NHC) since 2018. ProxyVis significantly increased the ability of forecasters to track low level clouds over the ocean at night, and in many cases can be used as a nighttime replacement for visible imagery.

ProxyVis imagery is generated in real-time:

Multi-Satellite ProxyVis Composite

The ProxyVis multisatellite composite uses data from five geostationary satellites, including GOES-18, GOES-16, Meteosat-10, Meteosat-11, and Himawari-9.

                                                                                                                                           2023-06-02 16:00 UTC

Project Team Members

  • Galina Chirokova (CIRA/CSU,
  • John Knaff (NOAA/NESDIS)
  • Robert DeMaria (CIRA/CSU)
  • Alan Brammer (CIRA/CSU)
  • Mark DeMaria (CIRA/CSU, formerly NOAA/NESDIS and NOAA/NHC)
  • Debra Molenar (CIRA/CSU)
  • Joe Zajic (TOWR-S)
  • Lee Byerly (TOWR-S)
  • Melinda Surratt (NRL)
  • Buck Sampson (NRL)
  • Monica Bozeman (NCEP)
  • Michael Brennan (NHC)
  • Stephanie Stevenson (NHC)
  • Jack Beven (NHC)
  • Eric Blake (NHC)
  • James Darlow (JTWC)


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