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National Hurricane Research Project Report Archive

Below you’ll find a list of all of the National Hurricane Research Project reports currently available, listed in chronological order.

Frank Revitte from NWS Slidell, as well as Frank Marks from NOAA/AOML/HRD, and Linda Pikula and Ashley Jefferson from NOAA Miami Regional Library, have provided several of the reports linked below. Rachel Knaff, Megan Troutman, and Kevin Micke assisted with digitizing and posting the reports. Questions can be directed to Kate.Musgrave AT

NHRP # Authors Title Year Published Month Published
1 Staff of the NHRP Objectives and basic design of the NHRP 1956 March
2 L. F. Hubert Numerical weather prediction of hurricane motion 1956 July
2   Supplement: Error analysis of prognostic 500-mb. maps made for numerical weather prediction of hurricane motion 1957 March
3   Rainfall associated with hurricanes 1956 July
4   Some problems involved in the study of storm surges 1956 December
5   Survey of meteorological factors pertinent to reduction of loss of life and property in hurricane situations 1957 March
6 C. L. Jordan A mean atmosphere for the West Indies area 1957 May
7 D. L. Harris and C. V. Lindsay An index of tide gages and tide gage records for the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of the United States 1957 May
8 E. L. Fisher Part I. Hurricanes and the sea surface temperature field 1957 June
8   Part II. The exchange of energy between the sea and the atmosphere in relation to hurricane behavior    
9 E. M. Ballenzweig Seasonal variations in the frequency of North Atlantic tropical cyclones related to the general circulation 1957 July
10 C. L. Jordan Estimating central pressure of tropical cyclones from aircraft data 1957 August
11 D. T. Hilleary and F. E. Christensen Instrumentation of National Hurricane Research Project aircraft 1957 August
12 H. V. Senn, H. W. Hiser and R. C. Bourret Studies of hurricane spiral bands as observed on radar 1957 September
13 C. L. Jordan Mean soundings for the hurricane eye 1957 September
14 B. I. Miller On the maximum intensity of hurricanes 1957 December
15 B. I. Miller The three-dimensional wind structure around a tropical cyclone 1958 January
16 R. R. Braham, Jr., and E. A. Neil Modification of hurricanes through cloud seeding 1958 May
17 H. Riehl and R. C. Gentry Analysis of tropical storm Frieda 1957. A preliminary report 1958 June
18 B. I. Miller The use of mean layer winds as a hurricane steering mechanism 1958 June
19 R. L. Pfeffer Further examination of the balance of angular momentum in the mature hurricane 1958 July
20 R. L. Pfeffer On the energetics of the mature hurricane and other rotating wind systems 1958 July
21 E. M. Ballenzweig Formation of tropical storms related to anomalies of the long-period mean circulation 1958 September
22 H. Riehl On production of kinetic energy from condensation heating 1958 October
23 D. L. Harris Hurricane Audrey storm tide 1958 October
24 Staff of the NHRP Details of circulation in the high energy core of hurricane Carrie 1958 November
25 L. F. Hubert Distribution of surface friction in hurricanes 1958 November
26 H. V. Senn and H. W. Hiser A note on the origin of hurricane radar spiral bands and the echoes which form them 1959 February
27   Proceedings of the Board of Review and Conference on Research Progress 1959 March
28   A model hurricane plan for a coastal community 1959 March
29   Exchange of heat, moisture, and momentum between hurricane Ella (1958) and its environment 1959 April
30 P. J. Hebert and C. L. Jordan Mean soundings for the Gulf of Mexico area 1959 April
31 J. S. Malkus and H. Riehl On the dynamics and energy transformations in steady-state hurricanes 1959 August
32 D. L. Harris An interim hurricane storm surge forecasting guide 1959 August
33 H. E. Graham and D. E. Nunn Meteorological considerations pertinent to standard project hurricane, Atlantic and Gulf coasts of the United States 1959 November
34 W. Malkin Filling and intensity changes in hurricanes over land 1959 November
35 H. U. Groening Wind and pressure fields in the stratosphere over the West Indies region in August 1958 1959 December
36 N. L. Frank and C. L. Jordan Climatological aspects of intensity of typhoons 1960 February
37 H. Riehl and R. Higgs Unrest in the upper stratosphere over the Caribbean Sea during January 1960 1960 April
38 C. S. Gilman, K. R. Peterson, C. W. Cochrane, and S. Molansky On quantitative precipitation forecasting 1960 August
39 H. E. Graham and G. N. Hudson Surface winds near the center of hurricanes (and other cyclones) 1960 September
40 H. L. Kuo On initiation of tropical depressions and convection in a conditionally unstable atmosphere 1960 October
41 J. A. Colon On the heat balance of the troposphere and water body of the Caribbean Sea 1960 December
42 G. W. Cry Climatology of 24-hour North Atlantic tropical cyclone movements 1961 January
43 H. Arakawa Prediction of movements and surface pressures of typhoon centers in the Far East by statistical methods 1961 May
44 C. L. Jordan Marked changes in the characteristics of the eye of intense typhoons between the deepening and filling states 1961 May
45 M. A. Alaka The occurrence of anomalous winds and their significance 1961 June
46 H. Riehl and J. Malkus Some aspects of hurricane Daisy, 1958 1961 July
47 S. L. Rosenthal Concerning the mechanics and thermodynamics of the inflow layer of the mature hurricane 1961 September
48 J. A. Colon and Staff of the NHRP On the structure of hurricane Daisy (1958) 1961 October
49 V. A. Myers and W. Malkin Some properties of hurricane wind fields as deduced from trajectories 1961 November
50   Part I. Proceedings of the Second Technical Conference on Hurricanes, June 27-30, 1961, Miami Beach, Fla. 1962 March
50   Part II. Proceedings of the Second Technical Conference on Hurricanes, June 27-30, 1961, Miami Beach, Fla. 1962 March
51 H. G. Fortak Concerning the general vertically averaged hydrodynamic equations with respect to basic storm surge equations 1962 April
52 H. F. Hawkins, F. E. Christensen, S. C. Pearce, and Staff of the NHRP Inventory, use, and availability of NHRP meteorological data gathered by aircraft 1962 April
53 B. I. Miller On the momentum and energy balance of hurricane Helene (1958) 1962 April
54 W. M. Gray On the balance of forces and radial accelerations in hurricanes 1962 June
55 H. F. Hawkins Vertical wind profiles in hurricanes 1962 June
56 S. L. Rosenthal A theoretical analysis of the field of motion in the hurricane boundary layer 1962 June
57 R. H. Simpson On the dynamics of disturbed circulation in the lower mesosphere 1962 August
58 K. Shimada Mean sounding data over the western tropical Pacific Ocean during the typhoon season, and 1962 October
58 Z. Hashiba Distribution of turbulence and icing in the tropical cyclone 1962 October
59 C. E. Schauss Reconstruction of the surface pressure and wind fields of hurricane Helene 1962 October
60 R. H. Simpson, M. R. Ahrens, and R. D. Decker A cloud seeding experiment in hurricane Esther, 1961 1962 November
61 H. Arakawa Studies on statistical prediction of typhoons 1963 April
62 B. Ackerman The distribution of liquid water in hurricanes 1963 June
63 H. Riehl Some relations between wind and thermal structure of steady state hurricanes 1963 June
64 M. A. Alaka Instability aspects of hurricane genesis 1963 June
65 J. A. Colon On the evolution of the wind field during the life cycle of tropical cyclones 1963 November
66 B. I. Miller On the filling of tropical cyclones over land, with particular reference to hurricane Donna of 1960 1963 December
67 E. J. Zipser, Jr. On the thermal structure of developing tropical cyclones 1964 January
68 K. R. Peterson, H. V. Goodyear, and Staff of the Hydrometeorological Section Criteria for a standard project northeaster for New England north of Cape Cod 1964 March
69   A study of hurricane rainbands 1964 March
70 S. L. Rosenthal Some theoretical results which pertain to the upper-tropospheric vortex trains of the Tropics 1964 April
71 M. A. Lateef Energy generation and flux processes associated with a weakening depression over the Gulf of Mexico 1964 June
72 J. A. Colon On the structure of hurricane Helene (1958) 1964 December
NHRP # Authors Title Year Published Month Published
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